The Recovery Process of a Hair Transplant Procedure

the recovery process of a hair transplant procedure

Hair transplant procedures are increasingly popular over the past few years and people have found the procedure helpful for restoring their hair and gaining back their confidence. What is the most difficult part, is the recovery process of a hair transplant procedure. It can be daunting for many people and it requires care, attention and lots of patience in order to achieve a successful recovery.

The Recovery Process:

After the hair transplant procedure, it is obvious that the patient’s scalp will be extremely sensitive. So, the doctor will be able to provide the necessary medication regarding the discomfort but it is up to the patient to make sure to take good care of their scalp. They should avoid touching the transplanted area for a few days after the procedure. Moreover, instructions regarding how to properly clean the scalp will be given to the patient when the normal hair will start growing back.

The patient will most likely feel discomfort and scabbing during the first week after the procedure and this is a very normal thing to experience. The patient should avoid picking the scabs since it can lead to scarring and even infection. Also, the head should be elevated during sleep to the swelling will be minimized.

It is also part of the healing process that the transplanted hair will start to fall out about ten days after the procedure. The hair follicles on the scalp will then go into a resting phase and after that, they will start to regrow again. The hair will start growing very thin, but there is no need to worry since it is only temporary.

After about three months, the hair will start growing naturally and healthy. Of course, the hair growth will be slow and gradual, and the hair can take up to a year to fully develop. Of course, regular appointments a t the doctor will be mandatory, so the doctor can see how the scalp is healing and how the hair is growing. The patient will be advised to avoid exposing their scalp to sunlight and under extreme temperatures.

The recovery process after a hair transplant procedure requires care, attention and a lot of patience. The results will not appear overnight, and the doctor’s instructions must be followed precisely in order to see the expected results under the correct timeline. Make sure to check out Hair Transplant in Cyprus and learn more information.