Myths About Hair Transplant in Cyprus That People Seem to Believe

myths about hair transplant in cyprus

There are so many people in Cyprus both men and women of different ages who experience hair loss and baldness. Even if many of them think that a hair transplant might be a solution for them, it seems that they seem to have doubts and fears about the procedure. There are so many myths and misleading information out there that make people hesitate about the procedure. This creates an overall fear and many false notions concerning hair transplant treatments. Here is a list of myths about hair transplants in Cyprus that seem to be common reasons why people hold themselves back from having the hair that will bring so much comfort and confidence to their life. Make sure to find out about all the different treatments available for Hair Τransplants in Cyprus.

It’s a Painful Procedure

The hair transplant procedure is one of many kinds of surgery procedures out there. When performed on the patient the medical professionals perform local anaesthesia so the patient will fill zero discomfort or pain during the process. Once the procedure is over the patient will have some mild discomfort for two or three days but will be able to take the prescribed medication to mitigate the pain. Because the scalp experiences trauma during the surgery, it is only natural that for only a few days after the surgery the skin and scalp will need some time to heal. The healing process on the other hand is fast and effective and the patient will be able to return to their everyday life and responsibilities in just a few days.

It’s only for Men

The society in Cyprus has made the issue of baldness and hair loss a male issue. It’s not as common to see women balding but it is an issue that concerns many women in Cyprus. Although men and women have different balding patterns that don’t mean that women don’t experience hair loss especially diffuse thinning which has been a very common hair loss pattern for women. Because baldness has become a male-dominated issue many women feel embarrassed to talk about or find treatment for their hair loss. Hair is very important in a woman’s everyday life and happiness, and it can drastically change their confidence. So, there are many different balding patterns that a woman can experience, and it is only best for her to talk with a professional that can help her get through her issue without feeling embarrassed about what she is going through.

It’s a Very Expensive Procedure

People seem to assume that hair transplant treatments are super expensive and not everyone can afford to have them. This is far from false since there are some hair transplant procedures that can be very affordable to have and since the results are permanent it is most definitely worth their money compared to other semi-permanent and temporary solutions that can cost a fortune for years on end. Different treatments can have different costs and people should research and explore their options before deciding. Of course, Cyprus has become a very popular destination over the past few years when it comes to medical tourism. Many people from around the world choose Cyprus as their treatment and medical destination since it has more affordable medical treatments available compared to other countries of the world. Also, Cyprus has many clinics and doctors available and since the population of Cyprus is quite small, this makes the wait so much less compared to places where the wait for an appointment can take months to come.

Unnatural Results

This is one of the most common misconceptions that people seem to have about hair transplant treatments. The procedures aim to give the patient the most natural and subtle hair look possible. The hair transplants use real human hair from donor areas of the scalp and the surgeons are trained to make the best natural-looking result for the patient scalp.  The more the density and thickness the better looking the results for the patient. Also, the scarring from the procedures can heal very fast and can be barely noticeable making the hair transplant look even more natural.

Hair can be of huge importance for so many people today. It gives people confidence in their dating life, their social life and even in their career opportunities. People should be able to live their life without feeling less about themselves and they should be able to live their fullest without feeling embarrassed about their appearance. A hair transplant is a great solution for so many people and it can bring back the lost confidence no matter the patient’s hair type, gender, or age.